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Questions & Answers

Questions with Answers Concerning the 2019 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Are the weekends much better than the weekdays?

The weekdays are great with maybe 200 to 300 balloon flying in the morning while the weekend has around 500 per morning.  If the weather is good on a weekday you will be quite happy with fewer balloons flying. Also the crowds are smaller on weekdays which has its advantages. Also hotel reservations are easier to find on weekdays.  Take note that the Park & Ride does not operate on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

How do we avoid the crowded roads leading to Balloon Fiesta?

Regardless how you get to Balloon Fiesta, leave early.  Ask around but try not to leave later than 5 AM for the morning assentions.  Later is ok but the traffic will be worse – patience is required.  This is not a football game where you need to be there for the kickoff. The afternoon sessions are a bit more relaxed but leaving early is still advised.

Is it necessary to have a car while in Albuquerque?

The Fiesta Express Park & Ride system can assist you getting to the Balloon Fiesta but you’ll have to get there by some means.  A few hotels offer shuttles to Park & Ride.  Taxis are an expensive and difficult option for getting to or back from Balloon Fiesta.  If you have a car you can easily drive yourself to Balloon Fiesta or to one of the Park & Ride locations.

Please note that Park & Ride tickets are used on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.

In general the city has a bus system for navigating the city but the schedules are limited (and it does not run to Balloon Fiesta).  Being on foot is an option in very limited cases.   Of course siteseeing will be much easier with your own car.

Is it difficult to get tickets to the Balloon Fiesta?

Not at all.  Tickets can be purchased at the many access gates into Balloon Fiesta Park.  They can be purchased online as well at  Also take note that if you purchase a Park & Ride ticket the admission to Balloon Fiesta Park is included.

Is there a ticket for each event?

Yes, if you attend a morning assention and an evening glow on the same day there will be a ticket required for each.

How is the weather during Balloon Fiesta?

Morning events can be quite chilly but once the sun come up the temps will become very comfortable. Dress in layers is one common suggestion.  In general weather is consistently good here in Albuquerque but there is no guarantee that the weather will cooperate with the hot air balloons. Wind and rain have led to cancellations of some of the events in the past years.